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IE "Begler Yoly" offers baskets for export

13 August 2021

The individual enterprise "Begler Yoly", known for its environmentally friendly and high-quality products, offers its customers new baskets with dimensions of 150 * 300 * 400 mm for the products of modern greenhouses built by entrepreneurs and individual enterprises. These baskets, which are in great demand among enterprises and entrepreneurs who export their products abroad, are made from polypropylene raw materials. By special order, it is also possible to place an inscription with the company's own name on the baskets.

The production capacity of the plant allows the production of 3 000 pieces of such baskets per day and 90 000 pieces per month. The main buyers of these products are such business entities as "Tyasin Yaprak", "Byash Nur", "Oguz Yol", "Rysgal Ojagy", the "Altyn Tug" individual enterprise and a number of entrepreneurs.

Meeting the highest customer needs is the main goal of the management and friendly team of the individual enterprise "Begler Yoly".