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In the modern epoch of the 21st century private sector plays particularly important role in the world economy. By the experts’ estimations, non-governmental sector takes leading place in strengthening of country’s economy and consolidation of trade- economy cooperation on the international arena. 

World’s experience in this regard become an important part of state policy of Turkmenistan, which at present time becomes more and more economically active and actively industrialized. In the frame of President’s work on support of small and middle entrepreneurship in the country Turkmen entrepreneurs enters world’s market ecologically clean, export oriented and qualitative production. 

With the increase of local gas-chemical plants the number of entrepreneurs producing plastic   container also increased. One of the manufacturers of polyethylene and polypropylene containers is the individual enterprise “Begler yoly”.

Individual enterprise “Begler yoly” was founded in 2014 and specializes in the production of plastic food containers, fruit and vegetable baskets, bulk containers, chemical containers and similar products. Even though the historical path of our enterprise is not long, it managed to win the trust of the domestic and foreign markets in a short time, literally with its production capacity and production characteristics. 

The high quality of products manufactured at the enterprise, with its environmental friendliness, fully meets the requirements of the established needs of customers. The products of our company is used by such companies as “Miras”, “Sahetli turkmen”, “Yigit”, “Guba gara”, “Taze ay”, “Owadan ulke”, “Sap taslama”, “Ajayyp Ussat”, “Bash nur”, “Oguz yol” and etc. All our products are certified. This includes the use of services provided by Miras, Sahetli turkmen, Yigit, Guba gara, Taze ay and several other private enterprises such as Owadan ulke, Sap taslama, Ajayyp Ussat, Bash nur”, “Oguz yol” and so on. This is also well illustrated by the example of several other economic societies and a number of entrepreneurs. It should be noted that all products manufactured at the enterprise are certified.

The main feature of the products of the private enterprise “Begler yoly” is that all products fully comply with international standards. The plant is fully automated and the mobile equipment is equipped with robotic equipment. This allows us to produce high quality and modern products. The company has been awarded 5 international certificates - ISO-9001: 2015, 5S, GC-MARK, DQS CFS GmbH, IQ NET for the production of quality products and the work is carried out in accordance with international standards.

Regulatory documents that meet international standards are regularly checked and our employees are tested. The company currently employs over 60 highly skilled and capable workers. ISO experts are interviewed online to discuss the work done.

At present time production facilities of our production allows to produce 10000 – 150000 kg of products daily in general. The work on production complex is conducted by means of pressure and inflation. The availability of local raw materials, the availability of innovative equipment at the enterprise and the availability of local specialists in the production of plastic products fully ensure high quality and comply with our pricing policy.

As world experience shows, in modern market relations, great importance is attached to the active development of mutually beneficial relations with foreign partners in business. This, firstly, makes it possible to increase the efficiency and quality of work, and secondly, it allows the production of new types of export-oriented products. Since its inception, “Begler yoly” has been striving to work effectively with foreign partners. As part of this, 1 liter plastic containers were exported to the Republic of Uzbekistan. Also, the relevant negotiations are underway on the export of products to countries such as the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Afghanistan.

With the expansion of the local production in food and other fields increases the demand in new types of packing. Our company is also studying orders coming to them for the production of such containers, and also produces new types of plastic containers for chemical cleaning agents, dairy products and confectionery. Also, our company can produce labeled containers based on IML (In-Mold Labeling) technology in accordance with customer requirements. 

This technology, which is used in Turkmenistan for the first time, allows to glue the product’s label while plastic packing is formed. In each case the label keeps its shape. 

“Begler yoly”, offering plastic products under the Algap brand, is a leading private sector company. On the basis of the President's initiatives for the comprehensive support and encouragement of small and medium-sized businesses in our country, it is planned to carry out targeted work to launch new products, expand the scale of the production complex and strengthen relations with foreign partners.



"Begler Ýoly"

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