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IE "Begler yoly" became the winner of the contest "Entrepreneur of 2020"

28 March 2021

Our individual enterprise "Begler yoly" became the owner of the title "Manufacturer of New Industrial Products of the Year" in contest "Entrepreneur of the Year 2020".

This competition was held during the exhibition of economic achievements, organized by the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan and the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

Our company is considered to be a leader in the production of plastic products in Turkmenistan. "Begler yoly" products are plastic containers for liquid and bulk products, canisters and bottles for household chemicals, plastic spoons, forks, food containers, boxes for storing vegetables and fruits and much more. The partners of the enterprise are such well-known companies and factories in our country as "Taze ay", "Ak nur", "Sha", "Gonezlik" and "Mylayym". "Begler yoly" products are also known outside Turkmenistan.

Participation in an industry fairs is a great opportunity not only to increase the number of customers, but also to increase brand awareness within the country and abroad.