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“Begler Yoly” expands production

11 August 2021

The individual enterprise "Begler Yoly", which is very popular among consumers for its modern, environmentally friendly and high-quality products, offers its customers plastic containers for milk and yoghurt products with a volume of 1000 ml.15 000 containers are produced per day under the Algap trademark for dairy and yoghurt products. Customers can choose the color of the container as they wish. In addition, Begler Yola's products include plastic containers for liquid and solid goods, barrels and small containers for chemicals, plastic spoons and forks, food containers and crates.

Today, the country's leading enterprises for the production of dairy and yoghurt products: "Elin", "Sahabatly", "Ayazbaba", "Taze Ay", "Beg gatyk", OJSC "Suyt"  are the main clients of Begler Yoly. By the way, it should be noted that the demand for the company's products is growing outside of Turkmenistan.All products of the individual enterprise "Begler Yoly" - the winner of the "Entrepreneur-2020" competition, which took 1st place in the nomination "Manufacturer of New Industrial Products of the Year", are distinguished by their high quality and certification.

Meeting the highest customer needs is the main goal of the management and friendly team of the individual enterprise "Begler Yoly".