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IE “Begler yoly” took part in the exhibition of economic achievements of Turkmenistan

22 September 2020

On 19-20th of September 2020 in Ashgabat conducted an exhibition of economic achievements of Turkmenistan and research and training conference “The digital economy is an important area of economic development” dedicated to the 29th anniversary of the Independence of our Motherland.

In two-days survey at the Chamber of Commerce also participated our entity “Begler yoly” with it’s unit.  

At such exhibition, that is planned to be conducted on annually basis, we shew different types of polyethylene and polypropylene packing produced by our company. We, also, demonstrated several recently produced  detergent drawers. Conduction of such exhibitions opens new opportunities for entrepreneurs. During the exhibition, there will be a chance to get familiarized with the products of our partners and colleagues. 

At present time production facilities of our production allows to produce 10000 – 150000 kg of products daily in general. The work on production complex is conducted by means of pressure and inflation. In the future, we plan to expand production and establish production of plastic products needed by the population, villages and other farms. By the way, our own production of our products, affordability of prices, favorable impact on the environment are positively welcomed by our customers and are in great demand.