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IE “Begler yoly” takes a leading position in the production of plastic packing

27 August 2020

With the increase of the number of local gas-chemical plants in Turkmenistan the number of the entities producing plastic packings also started to increase. One of this companies is an individual enterprise “Begler yoly” producing polyethylene and polypropylene packings. We present our products on the markets under the trademark “Algap”.

Our individual enterprise “Begler yoly” was founded in 2014 and specializes in the production of plastic food containers, fruit and vegetable baskets, bulk containers, chemical containers and similar products. Even though the historical path of our enterprise is not long, it managed to win the trust of the domestic and foreign markets in a short time, literally with its production capacity and production characteristics. The quality and ecological properties of our goods in full capacity satisfiers high requirements of our customers.

The products of our company is used by such companies as  “Miras”, “Sahetli turkmen”, “Yigit”, “Guba gara”, “Taze ay”, “Owadan ulke”, “Sap taslama”, “Ajayyp Ussat”, “Baş nur”, “Oguz yol” and etc. All our products are certified.