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The whole production process of the individual enterprise “Begler yoly” is automated

27 August 2020

The full correspondence of our products to the international standards is one of the peculiarities of our enterprise. Our production is fully automated, moving devices are robotized. 

This allows us to produce high-quality and modern products. High quality of products and their compliance with international standards are marked by 5 international certificates - ISO-9001: 2015, 5S, GC-MARK, DQS CFS GmbH, IQ NET. Regulatory documents in accordance with international standards are regularly checked and tested by our employees. We currently employ over 50 highly qualified and passionate professionals. Our specialists periodically consult with ISO experts.

At present time production facilities of our production allows to produce 10000 – 150000 kg of products daily in general. The work on production complex is conducted by means of pressure and inflation. By the way, prices on produced here products differs by affordable price, user-friendliness and environmental friendliness are outstanding features of our products. Our price policy while producing products from PE and PP are always based on accessibility, use of local materials, embedding of innovation equipment on the entity, which in its turn allows to support irrevocably high quality!